Part 1 – The Port Authority’s media briefing on the environmental impact assessment

Key questions raised in the Port Authority media briefing: 

14:14 and 18:50 Will the Port Authority reject Fraser Surrey Docks’ permit application if the proponent cannot meet the new mitigation requirements demanded of it?

15:00 Why weren’t these mitigation measures required from the start?

17:07 What is the Health Authority’s role in this review process?

20:30 How many development permit applications have been turned down by the Port after submitting an EIA?

25:00 Will this EIA include the Neptune Terminals coal export expansion?


Part 2 – Fraser Surrey Docks telephone press conference

Key questions raised in the Fraser Surrey Docks telephone press conference:

4:00 Why doesn’t the study include Texada Island?

4:50 Why not hire independent experts to conduct the study?

10:10 Why didn’t you plan for these mitigation measures at the start?

The Powerpoint presentation used by the Port at the media briefing is available here.