Key concerns: Port Authority governance, public consultation and decision making

What he was presenting is not an open avenue for reasoned discussion but a declaration of war on farmland.

— Richmond Councillor Harold Steves speaking of Port CEO Robin Silvester, “Port’s hunger for farmland a ‘declaration of war’ ” Richmond News January 2012

As we’ve seen many times in the past, Port Metro Vancouver has long preferred “beg forgiveness” over “ask permission” when it comes to how its activities will affect the communities around them.

Port In A Storm, editorial by North Shore News, February 2013

If you own an apartment and you’re the landlord, the provincial government says the most you can raise your rent is like three per cent, and yet I’m a tenant, and they want to raise my rent 300 per cent.

— Royal City Marina owner Kent Carbis, “Marina owners shaken by hikes” Royal City Record March 2013; see also “Treat them like tenants, not squatters” Vancouver Sun July 2014

We must have open and democratic decision-making about the environmental impacts and costs—including climate change—associated with our development decisions.

— BC MLA’s David Eby and George Heyman, Environmental impact assessments are key for a better future.  guest editorialGeorgia Straight April 2013

They have too much power, too much independence, and they simply have to be reigned in.

— Independent MLA for Delta Vicki Huntington, “Port Metro Vancouver is Going Rogue: Huntington”  News 1130 June 2013 

The port also adopted a narrow construction of its environmental authority. Port spokespersons regularly state that their mandate is only to facilitate trade, without acknowledging their equally important mandate “to operate with broad public support in the best interests of Canadians.” The Canada Marine Act, which governs port operations, identifies both promotion of trade and provision of a high level of safety and environmental protection as equal goals.

— Kathryn Harrison, Professor of Political Science, UBC, Reform needed before expanding coal shipments, guest editorial, Vancouver Sun June 2013

Changes to the Canada Marine Act … adopted in 2014… pose a serious threat to legal protection from environmental threats and public oversight of activities that occur in ports.

— Andrew Gage, staff council, West Coast Environmental Law blog post  Déjà vu – again? Another omnibus budget bill, more federal environmental law rollbacks WCEL December 2014

“I think we have to put a public-interest lens back into Port decision-making. It appears to me they run it like a business…”

— Delta Cabinet Minister Carla Qualtrough, That breeze you feel is a breath of fresh air from Ottawa, Columnist Pete McMartin Vancouver Sun November 2015

The port has become unresponsive to community concerns since the Stephen Harper government granted near-autonomous powers in 2008.

— Steveston-Richmond East MP Joe Peschisolido, “Peschisolido: Port of Vancouver must adjust to changed government in Ottawa” Vancouver Sun April 2016

They do their own reviews, issue permits, and then collect the revenue because some of the developments are on their own land.  Nowhere else in the world would you say that’s an acceptable way to do business. It’s a total financial conflict of interest.

— retired DFO fisheries scientist Otto Langer, “Port of Vancouver’s jet-fuel pipeline approval surprises minister” Vancouver Sun April 2016

Their consultation process was a sham. We talked to other people who didn’t hear. I don’t know who knows about it. It’s all been so covert

— Barb Daniel, president of Four Sisters Housing “Ports Public Process a Sham: Four Sisters Co-op” Vancouver Sun April 2016

If you’re going to be a member of some other organization or alliance and you approve the projects that are related to that membership, it puts into question the fairness of the decision-making process and leads one to question whether or not they’re biased — whether or not things are predetermined

— Paula Williams, founder of Surrey Based Communities and Coal “Vancouver Port Regulator Under Conflict of Interest Fire Over Coal Lobby Membership” DeSmogBlog April 2016

Port Metro Vancouver is a Crown corporation that seems to be a fiefdom unto its own. It is accountable to the federal Minister of Transport and owes no allegiance to the communities it operates in.

OUR VIEW: Time for Marc Garneau to check in.  New Westminster Record May 2016

Over the years ports in the country have gotten more and more autonomy, while getting less and less accountable to the public.

— MP Fin Donnelly “Two controversial Port Metro projects up for discussion during meeting Friday News 1130 June 2016

Basically, the Port authority can make decisions on their own, they can do their own environmental assessments and just do whatever they want ….and to me, that is absolutely astounding. What we need to do is to ensure that Port Metro Vancouver has accountability back to the community.

— MP Jenny Kwan “Activists spark debate on Vancouver port project”  RoundHouse Radio 98.3 Vancouver June 2016