NEW: Read the Vancouver Sun Op-ed by Professor Michael Brauer and Dr Chris Carlsten on the need for a comprehensive health impact assessment of coal export expansion.

NEW: Backgrounder to BC Health Minister Terry Lake on the need for a health impact assessment of the Fraser Surrey Docks – Texada coal export project, by Laura Benson, Dogwood Initiative.

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The public demands open and transparent assessment of the potential health and environmental impacts of coal export expansion. For this to happen, these principles must be upheld:

  • The assessment must be INDEPENDENT.  The Port Authority must work with our Medical Health Officers and Regional Governments to chose an appropriate consultant.
  • The assessment must be COMPREHENSIVE.  It must consider
    • impacts from transport of coal by rail
    • impacts from transport of coal by barge
    • impacts on the Strait of Georgia and Texada Island
    • cumulative impacts from all coal export expansion proposals, including Neptune and Westshore Terminals.
  • The assessment must be TRANSPARENT.  The terms of reference, scope and supporting documents must all be made available in a timely fashion.
  • The assessment must be DEMOCRATIC. Our Medical Health Officers, local and regional governments and the public must all be allowed to contribute in a meaningful way.

Key Questions to be answered in comprehensive health and environmental impact assessments of coal export expansion
— Dr. Frank James, Medical Health Officer, San Juan County WA

Noise Coal Dust  Diesel Fumes Frequent Long Trains

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