Ministry of Health

April 8 2014 – Ministry of Health to VTACC:

It is not the role of the Ministry of Health to comment on the quality of the [Port’s] process or the actual assessment.

March 4 2014 VTACC to Ministry of Health:

The Port Authority has failed to deal with this issue effectively…. There is a clear need for the Minister of Health to step in and use his powers under the Health Act to ensure that this health hazard is properly evaluated in a transparent manner prior to a decision being made.

March 26 2014 – Ministry of Health reply to Dogwood Initiative et al:

your continued engagement in the Port Metro Vancouver process appears to be the best avenue at this time by which the technical issues you have identified could be resolved…

March 14 2014 – Dogwood Initiative et al to Ministry of Health:

I respectfully request a response about how you intend to proceed with the recommendation for a Health Impact Assessment of the Fraser Surrey Docks-Texada Island coal transshipment project under the B.C. Ministry of Health.

December 20 2013 – Ministry of Health to VTACC et al:

As this is a regional issue, I encourage you to follow up with Vancouver Coastal Health or Fraser Health for any updates…

December 4 2013 – VTACC et al to Ministry of Health:

It is disappointing that the Port Authority, charged with working in the public interest, has decided not to collaborate with the Chief Medical Health Officers…. It is equally disappointing that the provincial government itself has failed to respond to the Medical Health Officer on this matter.

We think it is time for you to use your powers under the Health Act to intervene in this issue to protect public health.

Ministry of Environment

January 13 2014 – MoE to resident:

I encourage you to participate in the ongoing PMV consultation process…

November 6 2014 — resident to Minister Polak:

There is growing public outcry in the Lower Mainland over this coal export proposal. … The Port Authority appears set to ignore these concerns and push through with project approval.

We are looking to you and your government to show leadership on this issue, and to provide us with a more open and democratic review process than the Port offers.