BR - EIA/HIA best practices: your comment study guide

The Port Authority’s coal export EIA was a failure.  Here are some guides to doing a better job.

hia_practice_standards_v2_november2010 1 Principles of IA_best_practices 1


If the Port Authority listens to public concern and restarts this process, here are the crucial first steps they must take if they are to regain public confidence in their role as public regulator:

  • they must solicit and use input from stakeholders (the public, our health authorities, independent experts);
  • they must commit to an open process for developing the scope and terms of reference for the study;
  • they must accept that coal export expansion is an open question, and not a foregone conclusion requiring pro-forma processes of legitimization;
  • they must provide transparent documentation of methods, sources, assumptions and the evidentiary basis for conclusions.


Dogwood Initiative has prepared a useful document that summarizes best practices for both Environmental and Health Impact Assessments. You can view that document below.

20131115_ FSD EIA primer_D4 1

NoMoreCoalExports has prepared an informative comparison of the inadequate assessment of coal export impacts offered by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority with the much more comprehensive review process under way in Washington State.  Read the comparison below.

EIA HIA_Tale of Two Neighbours_Page_1

Go here to review the key questions that need to be answered in a comprehensive Health Impact Assessment, as outlined by a medical health officer from Washington State.
To write to the Port with your comments on their EIA, go here.